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SupplyController will replace the SupplyLink®. This document is an overview of the SupplyController features and SupplyLink replacement use cases.

Smartdrawer® with SupplyController

The SupplyController for the SmartDrawer will have 3 components:

Universal Control Module

Electronics - SBC, hard drive, C-Net card, column router, 12V & 24V power supply
Construction - 3" locking steel drawer (legacy conversion not available)
CPU & Core Logic - Intel quad-core Atom E3845
Operating System - Windows 10
BIOS - Award 256K
Cooling - Fan-less cooling system
Certification - Meets IP-22 standards for industrial environments
Environment - Wide temperature 0 - 50° C, dust-proof, shock and vibration proof
Language - Multiple
Additional - Power supply, SupplyScale and SupplyLock electronics added as needed based on configurations
Universal Control Module

Industrial Touchscreen Monitor

Screen - 17" Touchscreen (1280x1024) Color 4.3 Standard LED
Contrast Ratio - 350:1
Brightness - 300 cd/m2
Power - Consumption: 30W, Supply: 100-240VAC / 50-60 Hz
Input - VGA & HDMI
Mounting - Standalone / VESA
Touch Sensor - Analog resistive 5-wire
Industrial Touchscreen Monitor

Keyboard with Built-In Mouse Pad

Rugged - Compact, full-featured keyboard, 10-key numeric keypad, 20 function keys, built-in mouse pad
Keyboard with Built-in Mouse Pad